Wedding Policy

(Last Revised January 2023)

Weddings are a time when couples commit to living in a relationship centered on and blessed by God. When couples come to Sunne, we recognize that the wedding ceremony is actually a worship service that celebrates and lifts up a couples’ love in the presence of God and in the
presence of God’s family.

When couples seek to be married, they should contact the pastor to arrange a wedding date and to arrange for pre-marriage counseling. Generally, at least 30 days notice is required. No weddings will be scheduled after 6pm.

Pre-marriage counseling is required. Normally Prepare-Enrich materials are used and the couple meets with the pastor three times. The cost of the material is to be paid by the couple.

Costs and expectations
For members: A $150 cleaning fee is required.

For non-members: A facility use fee of $450 is required. This fee does not include the honorariums for the organist or the pastor. The fee does include $150 for cleaning. The entire fee shall be paid at the time of reserving the church. Please make check payable to Sunne Lutheran Church. The fee will be refunded if there is a cancellation.

Regarding clean up after the wedding: The fee for cleaning the church after the wedding is $150. If the wedding party cleans the church themselves, no fee is required and any deposit that has already been paid will be returned. Note that the church must be cleaned prior to Sunday services.

NO alcohol is allowed on the premises.

If an organist/pianist from Sunne is asked to play, a gift of $100 is suggested.

The honorarium for the pastor is $250 which will be given to the pastor prior to the wedding. When the pastor is asked to officiate weddings that are more than 50 miles (one way) from Sunne, those asking the pastor to officiate are expected to pay the pastor’s total mileage at the current IRS mileage rate.

If the Sunne Women of the ELCA are to be in charge of the reception, they should be notified at least twelve weeks in advance and arrangements made directly with them.

Generally, flowers are not to be placed on the altar and altar furnishings are not to be moved except by the pastor and/or members of the altar guild. Gloves should be used when furnishings are moved.

Flash pictures are not to be taken during the wedding (between the opening prayer until after the benediction.) Please put the following statement in the bulletin: “Please, no flash pictures during the wedding.”

For a printable version of the wedding policy, please click here.