Sunne Lutheran Youth (SLY) Group

Sunne Lutheran Youth includes those youth grades 7-12. This group meets periodically for potlucks, breakfasts, activities, conversation, faith journeys and a major summer activity.

The SLY group for 2024 will be going on a Faith Adventure to New Orleans.

In 2020, the SLY group went on a Seattle Faith Adventure from June 16-22, 2020. 

In 2019, the SLY group went on the New York Faith Adventure. Scroll down through the slideshow below for a recap of this trip. To pop the presentation out onto its own window, click the box with the arrow in it at the upper right corner of the presentation.
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In 2018, the SLY group ventured to San Francisco, California for their Faith Adventure. Pictures from this Faith Adventure can be seen below.

San Francisco Youth 1
San Francisco Youth 2
San Francisco Youth 5
San Francisco Youth 4
San Francisco Youth 6
San Francisco Youth 3
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The SLY is currently making plans for the 2019 New York Faith Adventure.