Confirmation is the time for us, we together study our faith, the church, God’s relationship with us and how we respond to God. Confirmation is a time where we learn to say “Amen” or “Yes” to God. Therefore, the order of confirmation is called “affirmation of faith,” saying yes to the faith that God calls us to.

In our confirmation program, together as we say “YES” to God, we will learn what that means and how God works in our lives and how we and God work together for all.

Because of the time we have together each time I am posting worksheets each month to be completed before class. Most often there will be 2 worksheets, but sometimes there will be 3. Students and parents please work on these together and students please have them with you when you come to class. This will be a big part of the curriculum and our time together will be to review these worksheets.

1. Students and their families will PLEASE take part in worship.  Worship is where we hear the word of God proclaimed as we sing together, commune together, and share in fellowship.  So that you get a clearer picture of your faith the program asks that you attend at a minimum of 18 times during the year. In addition, during Advent and Lent students should be in attendance. If we have another health situation that interrupts in person while watching. 

2. Students are to attend confirmation classes (8:45 AM Sunday Mornings). If students are unable to attend, please call me or text me at (240-2681).

3. Acolytes (candle lighters) will be part of the curriculum. You will receive a schedule for all Sundays and the times you are to light them.

4. Service and other fun projects are part of the curriculum as well.

5. Students are encouraged to take part in annual camping trip. (I suspect this event will happen when a new Pastor is called).

6. Students are encouraged to take part in the activities of the Sunne Lutheran Youth group.

7.Besides serving as acolytes there are other opportunities to serve worship such as reading, welcoming, ushering, serving at Holy Communion or something that you might want to do. Sing?, Play an Instrument?, Forming a Confirmation Choir?.

8. Parents are encouraged to take part by helping with classes, activities, lead group service projects and by completing togehte the student/parent worksheets. Worksheets are available on the website:, then click on Sunne Youth, then confirmation and the worksheets are near the bottom of the page. 



Confirmation Information and Worksheets
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Confirmation Curriculum
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Who is God – Jesus Christ Worksheet
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The Birth of Jesus Worksheet Part 2
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The Lord’s Prayer – Forgive and Temptation
It’s All About Love Worksheet
The Existence of Evil
Death of Jesus
Resurrection of Jesus
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