Sunne Lutheran Youth
Sunday School:  9:30 a.m. Sunday
Classes are offered for children ages 3 (if accompanied by a parent) or age 4 through sixth grade.  Classes are held Sunday mornings during the school year.  Because we value our worship, personalized hymnals are given to third grade students in the fall of their third grade year.  Since we treasure the word of God, Beginners Bibles are given to first grade students in the spring of their first grade year and personalized Bibles are given to fifth grade students in the fall of their fifth grade year.

A program of learning about and growing in our faith.  Confirmation is a 2 1/4 year program.  Classes are taught from grades 7-9.  Small group activities, work projects, and a summer trip are also part of this program. Confirmation Sunday (9th grade) is usually the last Sunday in October.

First Communion:  The age of First Communion is determined by the parents in conjunction with the pastor.  First Communion is offered to any age level and is usually completed by the time a person is in third grade.  First Communion class is offered every fall.


Vacation Bible School (VBS):
Nursery through 6th grade - Is a one week program given during the summer.  In the last few years, VBS has been held for 2 1/2 hours during the evening.

Camp of the Cross:
(Located near Lake Sakakawea) - Provides a safe but thrilling environment in which your child will grow as a person of faith and increase in positive self-regard.  Check out

Confirmation Camping Trip:
Includes a trip to the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Sunne Lutheran Youth includes those youth grade 7-12.  This group meets periodically for potlucks, breakfasts, activities, conversation, faith journeys and a major summer activity.

At Sunne Lutheran we value the opportunity to learn more about God and to grow in our faith.  We offer a variety of educational experiences.  All ministry at Sunne is guided by three themes:
 * God welcomes us into God's family at our baptism. 
   God reacheds out to us and claims us as God's child. 
   Our whole life is out response to God's action in out baptism.

 *  God keeps our relationship fresh through Holy Communion.
     In Holy Communion, we receive the physical forgiveness and
     acceptance that we need to live out our faith.

 *  Worship is central to our faith.  All people are encouraged to
     worship -- not only formally at Sunne but every mnoment of
     out life.

Sunday School

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