Church Council Members:

June Neumiller, 2018
Karen Ryberg, 2018
Shelley Porter, 2018
Eric Schill, 2019
Lester Vollan, 2019
Marcus Hall, 2020
Jesse Rust, 2020

Ministry for 2018

Shelley Porter
Emma Berg
Sue Szczur
Karen Ryberg

Anne Earsley
Jennifer Vesey
Denise Leapaldt-Johnson
Tucker Johnson
Brigette Tarplay
Eric Schill

Harvest Festival:
Lester & Sylvia Vollan
Mike & Emma Berg
Barney & Rose Strand

Church Property:
Mike Berg
Arlan Helm
Lester Vollan
Jesse Rust

Cemetery Committee:
Larry & Betty Falkenstein
David & Tammie Falkenstein
Bob & Kristine Ell
Rik Cutting
Marcus Hall

Noteworthy Links:

Church Council Minutes

Endowment Fund

2017  Annual Report

How to Join

Simply Giving

Wedding Policy
Please note: A facility use of $250 is required for non-members.  This fee doesn not include honorariums for the organist or the pastor.  The $250 fee shall be paid at the time of reserving the church.  There is no fee for members.

Assembling Health
School Kits
Lutheran World Relief
.        Altar Guild        

                                     8:30                                            10:30
JANUARY           Bernadine Martin                     Lyndsey Cleveland
FEBRUARY         Jeannie Kraft                              Patty Schock
MARCH               Sue Szczur                                    Jeanine Helm
APRIL                   Bernadine Martin                     Lyndsey Cleveland
MAY                     Sue Szczur                                   June Neumiller

JUNE                   Cheryl Sawicki
JULY                    Pastor Paul
AUGUST            Cheryl Sawicki
                                    8:30                                           10:30
SEPTEMBER         Jeannie Kraft                          Jeanine Helm
OCTOBER             Bernadine Martin                  Patty Schock
NOVEMBER         Sue Szczur                                Lyndsey Cleveland
DECEMBER          Jeannie Kraft                          Jeanine Helm