About Us

About Sunne.
In 1893 a group of Swedish immigrants gathered to form a Swedish Lutheran congregation.  For over 115 years people have worshipped the Lord on top of this hill on the North Dakota prairie.  Over the years, Sunne has become a congregation with members of many ethnic backgrounds, religious denominations and worship traditions.  All those who proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are welcome to become members of Sunne.

Just what are Lutherans?
Back in 1517 a German Roman Catholic priest by the name of Martin Luther tried to reform, or change, the Roman Catholic Church.  For his efforts he was kicked out of the church.  His followers were known as "protesters" or Protestants and laughingly referred to as "Lutherans."  Over the years the Lutheran Church and the Roman Catholic Church have changed in ways that make us somewhat similar in worship practice and thinking.

What are our core beliefs?
- We are a church that proclaims that God is known through the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
- We are saved from our sinful selves by God's grace (God's love in action) given to us as a gift through Jesus Christ.
- God's grace comes to us through the sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion.  Sacraments are those actions commanded by Jesus Christ that have a physical element and bring us God's grace.
- In baptism, God reaches out to us and claims us as God's own.  "You are mine," says God.  From this time on we are part of God's family.  The water of baptism washes away our sinfulness every day of our lives.
- In Holy Communion, God brings us forgiveness of sins through the body and blood of Christ.  Christ is present in the bread and the wine.  We can feel God's forgiveness spread throughout our bodies and our lives.

We believe that we cannot earn God's favor, God's love or our way "into heaven."  Instead we are completely dependent upon God's grace.
If this is true, why bother to do good things in life?  We live our lives confident that God loves us.  In response to God's love and forgiveness, and out of respect for God, we struggle to live our lives as God would have us.  We attempt to love God with all our heart, soul and mind.  We attempt to love our neighbor as our self.

Our whole life is an expression of our faith.
We cannot separate faith from the actions of our life.  As we live out our faith, members of Sunne are encouraged to grow spiritually.  We grow spiritually by worshipping weekly, by praying and reading the Bible daily, by serving the church, by serving outside the church, by tithing, and by nurturing spiritual growth through relationships.

All members are encouraged to......
- Worship every week.  In worship we gather to hear God's word proclaimed.  We gather to give thanks to God.  We gather to give and receive support with one another.  Worship is central to our faith.

- Pray daily and Read the Bible daily.  Prayer is simply talking to God and listening to God.  The Bible is God's word to us.

- Tithe.  Tithing is giving ten percent of our income to the work of the Lord.  In response to all that God has given us, God asks that we give a percentage to honor God.  Each person decides what is that ten percent.

- Serve their church.  Serving could involve:  ushering, cleaning, teaching, painting, serving on committees, serving on the church council, and spreading the news about the work of the Lord at Sunne.  There are many opportunities to serve.

- Serve outside of their church.  Serving in this way could include:  serving on community boards, raking a neighbor's yard, visiting the sick, visiting the shut-in, making cookies for a person in need.  There are many opportunities to serve in this way.

- Live their faith with one another.  We teach faith through relationships with each other.  We welcome each other.  We invite each other.  We pray for each other.  We care for each other

Our History - Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Sunne (1893-1993)

Above: 1897
Right: 1943, 50th Anniversary
In 2018 Sunne will be 125 years old. 
Interested in serving on a planning committee to organize activities and celebrations to mark Sunne's 125th Birthday?
Contact Pastor Paul @ 701-734-6485.