Celebrating and sharing God's love for over 123 years!
 Welcome to Sunne!

 We encourage you to check us out, both  
 here on the website and in person at the church.  Come and
 experience the presence of God.  We believe that we cannot
 earn God's favor, God's love, or our way into heaven. 
 Instead, we are completely dependent upon God's grace. 
 We live our life in response to God's love.

 On our website you will find all sorts of information
 about God's work at Sunne and who God's people are at
 Sunne.  But most importantly, we hope that you will feel
 welcome to explore how God works throught the family of
 God that gathers at Sunne.

 Sunne is a community that welcomes all people - regardless
 of age, sex, color, religious background, or sexual expression. 
 The community of Sunne enjoys worshiping God, laughter,
 fellowship, singing, praying and learning are all part of who
 we are.

 We hope you enjoy your jouney around Sunne. We invite
 you to experience God's presence in the lives of the family of
 God that gathers at Sunne.  And, if you are so inclined, we
 warmly invite you to experience God's presence first hand
 by visiting Sunne in person.

Pastor Paul Schauer -
Sunday Worship Services at
8:30 AM and 10:30 AM
Sunday School and Confirmation Classes
9:30 AM
Broadcast LIVE on BEK Channel 26!


Dec 4
Annual Budget &
 Election Meeting
9:30 AM

Dec 7
Sandwiches 6 PM
Advent Service 7 PM

Dec 14
Redwood Village 2 PM
Soup & Sandwiches 6 PM
Advent Service 7 PM
Council 7:30 PM

Dec 21
Soup & Sandwiches 6 PM
Service 7 PM

Dec 24
Christmas Eve
Communion Service
4:30 & 9 PM

Dec 25
Communion Service
10:30 AM
PO Box 217                          Pastor Paul Schauer
Wilton, ND  58579                          701.734.6485
Located 6 miles east of Wilton on Highway 36
Living in God's amazing grace
Sunne supports the Wilton Food Pantry,
 located in the basement of the Senior Center. 
Donations of food can be dropped off between
9:00 AM and Noon, Monday thru Friday.
Currently open the third Thursday
of the month for distribution.
         Volunteers are always appreciated
 on delivery days as are cash donations.
Any Hours you are available
 from 1 - 6 PM, just stop in and help.
        Make checks payable to Sunne and
write "Food Pantry"  on the memo line. 
Contact Pastor Paul 701-734-6485 or
Sandy Peterson for more information.

We are mission partners with Camp of the Cross Ministries.
Both local hospitals have made it extremely difficult for pastors to
 find out who is in the hospital.
 If you, or someone you know,
 is hospitalized and would like Pastor Paul to visit, you can
reach him at 391- 0584. 
Also, if you are a patient at Sanford, please indicate your church as "Sunne".
Campbell's Labels or Education

We, along with hundred of other Lutherans around the country, collect labels from Campbell's products for the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission in Rock Point, Arizona.  The Rock Point Mission then uses these labels to purchase needed items for the Mission.  In past years, several 15 passenger bans have been purchased.  The container for these label is located near the telephone in the narthex.

The Wilton Dollars for Scholars organization is seeking donations for its scholarship fund.  The organization provides college scholarships for Wilton High School graduates.  If you would like to make a donation, please send it to:
 Wilton Dollars for Scholars  PO Box 392  Wilton, ND  58579.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Sunday bulletin in memory of a loved one, please fill out the following form.  Cost is $10.00 per Sunday.  You may sponsor as many Sundays as you wish.  Sponsorships will be taken on a first come, first served basis.  Sponsorship announcements will be printed in the bulletin.
  The announcement will read, "Today's bulletins are given in memory
Advent begins November 30th, the period of anticipation and preparation for celebrating the birth of Jesus.  A light hot dish supper and Christmas goodies will be furnished on November 30th at 6 pm with worship service at 7 pm.

If any of our college students would like to receive our Sunne Newsletter, please let
Bev Hausauer know and we will send it to them each month.

Sunne Lutheran Youth
2017 Faith Adventure
San Francisco, California
June 8-15, 2017
Cost:  $400
Open to youth currently in grades 8-12
All area youth are invited to participate

     Every year we encourage God's family that gathers at Sunne to participate in Half of Christmas where we set aside half of what we would spend on Christmas gifts and give to a designated cause.  This year we are encouraging everyone to participate in the ELCA's World Hunger efforts by purchasing goats, chickens, pigs, bees, etc. 
     We've placed a Christmas tree in the narthex.  On this tree are a number of ornaments each with a different animal and dollar amount.  If you would like to participate, please take as many ornaments as you would like, total up the amount, and write a check to Sunne.  Please put "World Hunger" on the memo line or the offering envelope and place in the offering plate.  Then, hang the ornament on your Christmas tree at home.    Please have all offerings to the church by Christmas Eve/Christmas Day.